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Gifted Education

The United School District is committed to providing opportunities which promote the growth of skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for identified gifted students to reach their potential and fulfill their future roles in our changing society. Inherent in that commitment is the recognition of the unique abilities, talents, interests and needs of intellectually gifted students which require special educational considerations. To provide for the interests, abilities, and needs of gifted students we offer a variety of administrative, organizational, curricular and instructional practices and provisions to develop each identified student’s Gifted Individual Education Plan (GIEP).

Gifted education is designed to include the affective and cognitive education of the student and to enhance the transfer of learning from the classroom to real life situations so that the students become high level producers of ideas, performers of artistic feats, and provide services to society.

Gifted education is a wholehearted commitment to the gifted student, yet the responsibility for educating a gifted student is the responsibility of all educators, the student's parents and the student.